MyLowesLife Login Employees Portal

If you cannot log into your MyLowesLife employee account, see the instructions below to access the MyLowesLife employee account.


All you need is any device connected to the Internet to access this portal from anywhere. You will receive your access data from the Human Resources Department. There are two login methods for your employees. One is for present employees and the other is for former employees.

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PS: Sometimes during a server overload, I noticed that the password reset page was causing an “internal server error” and was inaccessible. In this case, go to the mobile sign-in page instead of and tap “I forgot my password”. Then enter your email address to learn how you can change/retrieve your MyLowesLife password.

MyLowesLife Login for Employees Portal

As mentioned earlier, MyLowesLife focuses on current and former employees. However, you must enter certain credentials for MyLowesLife to determine your identity. References include three things:

  • Your username or your sales number
  • Your password
  • And the appropriate answer to the asked security question.

1. MyLowesLife login for Current Employees

For current employees, follow these steps to sign in to your MyLowesLife account:

  • Open your browser and access the My Lowes Life portal.
  • Visit and tap “Go” or click on this link to access the website.
  • You must enter your user ID in the field of Sales Number and Password text boxes in the Password text box.
    MyLowesLife Login
  • Click Sign in. You have successfully signed in to your account.
  • Now you must choose a suitable option for Part-time or Full-time.
  • Now your journey to Dashboard is successful. Logging in to My Lowes Life–Former Employees.

Former employees need to click on the “Click here” link which is exactly in the center of the screen at You will be directed to a page where you need to select the type of job you have done in Lowe’s. Then, follow the steps above to sign in to your account.

Each link directs you to the page that explains clearly the benefits you always get from Lowe.

Reset MyLowesLife Password

If you do not remember your password, keep calm and return to the site page by following the steps above. Now, have a go on the link “I forgot my password”. To reset your password, you must answer some questions to verify that you are a human being and not a robot. Once you have answered the questions correctly, you will receive additional instructions to configure your MyLowesLife password.

You can also change your password as follows:

  • Visit the official My Lowe’s Life Associate sign-in portal.
  • Search ‘Forgot your password?’ given below the Password Field at the left side of the screen.
  • Answer the security question you opted at the time of registration.
  • Enter your email address, after which you will receive an email with additional instructions.