Privacy Policy

Lowe’s respects your privacy. This privacy policy describes how Lowe’s collects, utilizes, shares and protects details from and about our customers, visitors, and applicants, as well as the options selected for this information. It also contains other significant privacy statements, how we upgrade the statement and how you can contact us.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to your interaction with Lowe’s in our offices in the United States and on our websites and mobile applications in which this privacy policy is provided. It discusses the privacy policies of Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and its US subsidiaries (Lowes) unless otherwise noted below. It applies to the personal data of customers, visitors and candidates. Personal information is information that can identify or be reasonably link you with the information.


Your interaction with Lowes may include:

  • Use of our websites that led to this statement;
  • The use of our cell phone applications;
  • Telephone, email and alternate electronic or written communications
  • Visits to our centres or other personal events;
  • Interactions in social networks;
  • Research, competitions and raffles
  • The utilization of Wi-Fi in our stores;

In some cases, we may require additional information about privacy practices or the company’s website. For example, some of our sites may contain additional privacy information that applies only to that site or some companies may publish additional privacy information specific to that business or event.


We collect information that helps us identify you and connects with you, including the details you provide to us, the information we collect automatically and the information we receive from others.

They give us information. For example:

  • Contact information and personal identification information, such as name, address, telephone number, email address, driver’s license number or date of birth;
  • Payment details such as credit card number and expiration date or gift card details;
  • Demographic information such as age, sex, income and designation;
  • Passwords and login id such as username and password of your lowes account;
  • Details about your purchases, returns and exchanges at Lowes, including guarantees and refunds.
  • The information you provide in a query, contest, promotion or gift.
  • Location information if you permit the access to the location of your device.

How MyLowesLife Use the Information?

  1. We use your personal details to provide products and services, contact you and support our business activities, such as fraud prevention, efficient marketing and information analysis.
  2. Here are some examples of the use of your personal information:
  3. Processing, registration and monitoring of your investments, deposits, returns, guarantees and refunds.
  4. Communicate with you through different channels.
  5. Evaluate and answer your questions and doubts.
  6. Provide navigation and location services to businesses and help find nearby businesses;

Without your consent, we will not sell, exchange or transfer personally identifiable information to third parties (companies other than the Lowe family) unless we negotiate with service providers and business partners and being sure about adequate legal formalities.

Service providers and business partners

We may share your personal information with companies that provide services such as hosting, support, delivery, printing, data improvement, and repair, or those who promote our services. These companies may need to access information about you to carry out their tasks. In general, these companies are not allowed to use the information disclosed by us for other purposes.

Legal, Execution, Security, and Investigation

We may disclose details about you (1) if we believe we must do so in accordance with laws, regulations or judicial procedures, such as a court order (2) if we consider it correct or necessary to respond to requests from government agencies such as police or tax authorities; (3) If we believe that the disclosure is useful or necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of Lowe, our customers or third parties, which includes avoiding loss or damage to property, money or others or (4) Investigate a suspected or actual illegal activity.

Sale or transfer of business or assets

We reserve the right to send the personal details we have about you when we trade or transfer all or part of our business or assets (including, among others, restructuring, liquidation or liquidation).

Account Profile

You have access to the profile page of specific accounts that you manage on our websites (such as MyLowesLife) to personalize certain personal information about your profile and manage specific communication settings.


  • If you don’t want to continue to get marketing emails, follow these steps:
  • For all incoming messages, click on the link to unsubscribe and update your settings on the site shown.
  • Update your subscription options on certain authorized Lowe accounts (such as MyLowesLife) or
  • Contact us as described in the next section. How can you join or register?
  • Dispatch an email at with the subject line “Delete mailing list”.
  • Kindly keep in mind that we may continue to send transactional emails that contain information about past purchases or service, even if you do not wish to receive emails, promotional newsletters or marketing.


We can send text messages with your prior permission. If you no longer want to receive text messages, reply to the message you received from Lowe STOP (“STOP”). Note that this setting only applies to the phone that received the text.

How to contact MyLowesLife?

If you have any queries or comments about this privacy policy or wish to upgrade the details we have about you or your choices, contact us as indicated below.

Privacy office
1000 Lowes Blvd, NB6LG
Mooresville, NC 28117